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Swan: a new force in contemporary R&B

Swan sets herself apart with a blunt yet poetic songwriting style with honest vocals supported by groovy productions. She started performing her music when she was only ten years old and is now focusing together with her band to bring her compositions to the live stage. In the writing process, the storyline and visuals are deeply intertwined; creating a world that goes way beyond just the musical experience. Swan is heavily involved in the creative direction of the visual world behind her music. She encourages her listeners to step into their higher selves and face their emotions head on, perceiving their vulnerability as strength. After fully focusing on her songwriting and production skills in 2022, Swan is ready to seize the new year. Her debut EP, that will be produced by Perquisite and herself, is planned to be released in 2023 and revolves around trying to find the balance between loving others and loving herself.

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