1. Jeangu’s new Eurovision Song out March 4th!

    We are very excited to share something we have been working on for a long time: Jeangu Macrooy’s Eurovision Song Contest 2021 song will be officially released on Thursday March 4th - 19:00 CET via a live stream event and will be available shortly therafter Continue reading »

  2. 20th Anniversary of Unexpected Records

    Today it’s been exactly 20 years of bringing you the Unexpected! We would like to thank all artists, musicians, producers, mastering and recording engineers, artwork designers, photographers, stylists, (ex)employees, labels, publishers,(radio-)promotors, Continue reading »

  3. Update! We have signed Josephine Odhil!

    We are excited to announce that today we have signed the incredibly talented Josephine Odhil to Unexpected Records. Great things to come! Continue reading »

  4. ‘Dreams of Gold’ celebrates its 10th birthday!

    Throwback Thursday! Today 10 years ago ‘Dreams of Gold’ featuring Jenny Lane was released Continue reading »

  5. 10th anniversary of Perquisite’s debut album ‘Across’

    To celebrate the 10th anniversary of ‘Across’, we’ve put together the Perquisite - Across 10 YEARS Package. Continue reading »

  6. Jeangu Macrooy’s debut EP ‘Brave Enough’ now on vinyl!

    Now finally available on vinyl! Continue reading »