1. Pete Philly & Perquisite announce ‘My Stereo’ Remix EP with Fluid Funk

    Pete Philly & Perquisite just announced that on June 21st, a remix EP of their single ‘My Stereo’ will be released, as a joint effort by Unexpected Records and Fluid Funk. Get ready to hear their track reimagined by the amazing Gregor Salto, Klankarbeit an Continue reading »

  2. Pete Philly & Perquisite release video for ‘My Stereo’

    Pete Philly & Perquisite just released a dashing video for their third single ‘My Stereo’! Continue reading »

  3. New Pete Philly & Perquisite album ‘Eon’ out now!

    Pete Philly & Perquisite have released their long-awaited third studio album ‘Eon’ today! Continue reading »

  4. Music video for ‘Young, Awkward & Lonely’ out now!

    The official music video for Jeangu Macrooy’s new single ‘Young, Awkward & Lonely’ got released today! Continue reading »

  5. ‘Young, Awkward and Lonely’ by Jeangu Macrooy out now!

    Jeangu Macrooy has just released his new single “Young, Awkward & Lonely” in which he invites his listeners on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Continue reading »

  6. Pete Philly & Perquisite release summer tune “My Stereo”

    The song captures how grateful they are for the music that inspired them, all while providing us with the soundtrack of our summer. Thank you, Pete & Perq! Continue reading »