1. 10th anniversary of Perquisite’s debut album ‘Across’

    To celebrate the 10th anniversary of ‘Across’, we’ve put together the Perquisite - Across 10 YEARS Package. Continue reading »

  2. Jeangu Macrooy’s debut EP ‘Brave Enough’ now on vinyl!

    Now finally available on vinyl! Continue reading »

  3. Tonight: the premiere of Jeangu Macrooy’s Horizon Theatre Tour
  4. Jeangu Macrooy’s Horizon Theatre Tour to take place in autumn 2020!

    Thirteen rescheduled theatre shows announced by Jeangu Macrooy! Continue reading »

  5. Webshop Offer: Jeangu Macrooy ‘Horizon’ Fan Package!

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  6. Jeangu Macrooy Releases Live Video ‘Gold’ for Keti Koti

    Jeangu releases powerful ‘Gold’ live video to generate awareness for Keti Koti Continue reading »