1. Summer Moon live video by Jeangu Macrooy out now!

    Today we’ve released the live video of ‘Summer Moon’, the title track of Jeangu Macrooy’s new album. Continue reading »

  2. Oout now: Jeangu Macrooy - Summer Moon!

    Today, Jeangu Macrooy’s third studio album Summer Moon has been released! Continue reading »

  3. Pre-order ‘Summer Moon’ on cd or cassette!

    If you order your copy before Monday November 7th, you will receive the album on Thursday the 10th; a day before the official release! Continue reading »

  4. Jeangu reveals album cover and title of his upcoming third studio album

    Jeangu revealed the album cover and title of his third studio album today. Continue reading »

  5. Album release Josephine Odhil on January 27th 2023!

    Just announced: on January 27th 2023, Josephine Odhil will present her debut album ‘Volatile’ in Paradiso Amsterdam! Continue reading »

  6. Out now: Jeangu Macrooy - Paris (live video)

    The official live video for Jeangu Macrooy’s new single ‘Paris’ is out now! Continue reading »