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With his debut-EP Fragments (Unexpected, February 2006), Dutch beatsmith Arts the Beatdoctor showed his musical diversity with a collection of jazz-inflicted hiphop-tracks which were mostly characterized by their nightly atmosphere. With his full-length debut album Transitions, Arts continues on this road in a truely original way. The album features 15 tracks, and is the product of 3 years of sampling, tweaking and composing. It stirs up a complex stew of emotions: melancholy being one of the most tongue-catching ingredients, supplemented by foreboding, a few tablespoons of tension and a few splashes of release. Comparisons to artists such as DJ Shadow, DJ Krush and RJD2 spring to mind with his blend of atmospheric and cinematic hip hop beats. Apart from the aforementioned artists, Arts finds his inspiration in jazz and classical music: “What really gets to me are the harmonies being used. There’s a lot of stuff that’s about ‘playing wrong notes, but making them sound right’. For that quality, jazz is a good starting point if you want to make music that’s surprising, exciting.” With featurings by Pete Philly, Skiggy Rapz and The Proov, Transitions became a very personal and introspective album which can’t be left unnoticed by anyone interested in true music. Transitions has been released in Japan in collaboration with P-Vine Records and is distributed in The Netherlands & Belgium by PIAS. Also check out


  1. CD (UR013CD)
    1. The Anthem (3:04)
    2. Split Personality (Part 1) (5:54)
    3. Laugh Drinks Jokes Tricks (2:57)
    4. Transitions (4:32)
    5. Irreversible (3:42)
    6. Remember (4:57)
    7. All Of Us (3:44)
    8. Fragments (3:54)
    9. Decreasing Daylight (3:38)
    10. Crazy Times (4:15)
    11. The Zone (5:58)
  2. 12” 2LP (UR013)

    1.The Anthem ft. Pete Philly (3:04)
    2.Split Personality (Part 1) ft. Sense (5:54)
    3.Laughs, Drinks, Jokes, Tricks (2:57)

    4.Transitions (4:31)
    5.Irreversible (3:43)
    6.Remember (5:14)

    7.All Of Us (3:45)
    8.Fragments (4:00)
    9.Decreasing Daylight (3:38)

    10.Crazy Times (4:16)
    11.The Zone ft. Pete Philly (5:58)

  3. 12” 2LP (UR013LTD)

    1.Blending Quality (3:56)
    2.The Anthem ft. Pete Philly (3:04)
    3.Laughs, Drinks, Jokes, Tricks (2:57)
    4.Revolve (5:30)

    5.Crazy Times (4:16)
    6.Split Personality (Part 1) ft. Sense (5:54)
    7.All Of Us (3:45)
    8.Fragments (4:00)

    9.Decreasing Daylight (3:38)
    10.Transitions (4:31)
    11.Irreversible (3:43)
    12.Remember (5:14)

    13.Reprise (2:22)
    14.Mellow Drama (4:32)
    15.The Zone ft. Pete Philly (5:58)

  4. Digital (UR013D)