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After the release of the Mindstate album, Pete Philly & Perquisite are back with Remindstate, a totally remixed version of their critically acclaimed debut. For Remindstate Pete & Perq approached DJ’s, groups and musicians they loved from all over the world, which resulted in an even more eclectic release than the original Mindstate album. Remixes are included by Seiji (Bugz in the Attic, UK), C-Mon & Kypski (NL), DJ Mitsu The Beats (JP), the New Generation Big Band (NL), Morgan Spacek (Spacek, UK), Nicolay (Foreign Exchange, USA/NL) and many more. Go to for more info.

The press about Pete Philly & Perquisite:

“(They) succeed where so many dissident B-Boys have failed. (…) Hip Hop looks good in orange.” Q Magazine, UK - May 2005

“Holland’s own freeform B-Boy wonders. (…) More colourful upon each listen.” DJ Magazine, UK - April 2005

“As much 21st century soul as Hip Hop Genius.”
Notion Magazine, UK - April 2005


  1. CD (UR012CD)
    1. Intro (Perquisite Remix) (1:15)
    2. Relieved (New generation Big Band Remix) (3:20)
    3. Insomnia (Laagman remix) (3:44)
    4. Motivated (Crackman remix) (3:53)
    5. Eager (Perquisite remix) (4:28)
    6. Lazy (Collective Efforts Remix) (4:42)
    7. Respect (C-mon & Kypski Remix) (3:57)
    8. Cocksure (Laidback Luke Remix) (6:01)
    9. Conflicted (Metropole Orchestra Remix) (2:45)
    10. Grateful (Nicolay Remix) (3:38)
    11. Mindstate (Arts the Beatdoctor Remix) (4:47)
    12. Mellow (Morgan Spacek Remix) (4:19)
    13. Paranoid (Darin G. Remix) (4:51)
    14. Cheeky (DJ PCM Remix) (5:31)
    15. Hope (DJ Mitsu Remix) (4:51)
    16. Amazed (Seiji Remix) (6:18)
  2. 12” EP (UR012)

    1. Motivated (Crackman remix) (3:53)
    2. Mellow feat. Senna (Morgan Spacek remix) (4:19)
    3. Lazy (Collective Efforts Remix) (4:42)

    4. Cocksure (Laidback Luke Remix) (6:01)
    5. Cheeky (DJ PCM Remix) (5:31)

  3. Digital (UR012D)