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The third single of the Mindstate album, Mellow, also includes two exclusive unreleased tracks. Rockin’ It Like is a song that was created for a special project from VPRO’s 3voor12 in which several producers were asked to make a track by solely using samples from an archive of exotic Indonesian and Chinese traditional instruments. The result is a banging minimalistic Pete & Perq track that was before only available as free download-track. Dazzled Kids is even more exotic. Originally being a track of Dutch rockgroup Voicst, Pete & Perq flipped the track in a way they only can…


  1. CD-Single (UR011CD)
    1. Mellow feat. Senna (radio edit) (3:43)
    2. Rockin’ It Like (3:25)
    3. Dazzled Kids (3:23)