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Fragments EP

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With his debut-EP ‘Fragments’ beatsmith Arts the Beatdoctor shows his musical diversity with a collection of jazz-inflicted hiphop-tracks, often characterized by their nightly atmosphere. Arts didn’t come falling from the sky. He already has left a multitude of musical fingerprints on different hiphop and non-hiphop projects. In 2003 he made his official debut by producing a track for Lord Cyrus ”Diamonds R 4Ever” compilation, alongside MF Grimm and other American MCs and producers. At the moment he is active as a producer for various Dutch and American MC’s. Arts’ debut EP, which contains featurings by MC’s Pete Philly and Skiggy Rapz, is guaranteed to put you in a zone, in which fragments of your memory will make you reminisce on crazy times in such a way you won’t even notice the decreasing daylight taking over… Available on 12” only! Also check out


  1. 12” EP (UR010)

    1. All Of Us feat. Pete Philly (3:47)
    2. Fragments (3:55)
    3. Decreasing Daylight (3:40)

    4. Crazy Times feat. Skiggy Rapz (4:19)
    5. The Zone feat. Pete Philly (5:49)