Perquisite & Sliderinc

Collected Works

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The music found on Collected Works is mainly focused on the electronic productions that Perquisite & Sliderinc created together during the past three years. Each individual track was composed for a specific artistic project, complementing or setting the tone for a non-musical creative expression. This gives each song a distinct character whilst still maintaining continuity through the overall electronic sound that characterizes the album. For example, the track ‘La Vie Sauvage’ was made for a short video promoting Dutch fashion label Ceizer for the acclaimed Parisian fashion store Colette; ‘Bello’ was composed for a short movie by famous Dutch director Johan Kramer and ‘Netropolis’ accompanied a work of art by Michael Najjar, commissioned by the Kunsthal in Rotterdam. The album also contains six tracks originally composed for the dance show Freedom by the Kiss Moves. All songs have been rearranged, remixed and remastered specifically for this release.


  1. Digital (UR030D)