Monsieur Dubois

Monsieur Dubois s’Amuse EP

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In the past years, Monsieur Dubois has created a strong live reputation with their unique blend of Afro-vibes and 70’s Souljazz which is often referred to as ‘Danceable Hardjazz’. The group, which was founded in the city of Rotterdam in 1999, became finalist in the Dutch Jazz Competition of 2001 and made an impressive debut at the internationally renowned North Sea Jazz festival last year. This 6-track EP on Unexpected Records is their first official release. It contains four original tracks by Monsieur Dubois on the A-side as well as two club-orientated remixes by Perquisite and State of Monc on the B-side.


  1. 12” EP (UR006)

    1. Spy’s Methaphor (4:22)
    2. Multiball (4:54)
    3. s’Amuse (1:24)
    4. I.D. #1 (4:23)

    5. I.D. #1 (Perquisite remix) (5:22)
    6. Multiball (State of Monc remix) (7:21)