Jeangu Macrooy

Birth Of A New Age

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Birth Of A New Age is Jeangu’s new single and the official Dutch entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. The song, that tells a story of resilience and the beginning of a new era, was written and produced by Jeangu Macrooy and Perquisite. The song can be listened to from today on through all streaming platforms.

Jeangu: “The song is an ode to everyone who stands up for themselves and dares to celebrate the power of their authenticity.”​ Jeangu’s Surinamese roots clearl​y get across in Birth Of A New Age. Besides English, he sings in Sranan Tongo, the main language of Suriname. ​This section is inspired by an old Surinamese ‘odo’, or saying: ‘Mi Na Afu Sensi, No Wan Man E Broko Mi’. The literal translation of which is,​ ‘I’m half a cent, you can’t break me’. The half-cent was the smallest coin in Suriname and therefore literally unbreakable into smaller denominations. In the context of Birth Of A New Age, it stands for self-respect,​ resilience and determination.


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