Pete Philly & Perquisite

My Stereo (Fluid Funk Remixes)

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Fresh off the release of their anticipated comeback LP, ‘Eon’ - out on Unexpected Records, Dutch hip-hop duo Pete Philly & Perquisite celebrate the breaking of their 15 year-hiatus in teaming up with Fluid Funk to deliver a special five-track remix EP of ‘My Stereo’ - one of the album’s danciest singles. Strictly aimed at getting feet shuffling and booties shaking, this assortment of hi-torque boogie joints oozes pure party feelgoodness and summer-ready coastal vibes, all set at breezing across dance floors with optimal impact. All remixes are courtesy of fellow FF alums, plus there’s also a revamp from Gregor Salto, better known for his remixes of international acts such as Rihanna and Major Lazer.

In-house vibist Ascension & Fluid Funk label head Shirazi set the wheels in motion with an equally juicy and deep take on the original, sending us straight back to the heyday of the Chicagoan scene with its luscious mix of hypnotic piano stabs and stepping rhythms whilst injecting it with a low-slung abstract punch. In the hands of Klankarbeit & Danou P ‘My Stereo’ morphs into a mischievously syncopated chugger, geared up for both playful moments in the club and soulful drives by the ocean. Up with his own sliced-and-diced burner of a rework, Salto chops it down to bouncy slivers, tweaking them back to life into a monster patchwork of a tune, all ground through a thick filtered gravy and finessed FX voltes. Beau Zwart & Sykes join forces on a silky-smooth reinterpretation of ‘My Stereo’ that lacks neither oomph nor jazz. Engineering a captivating mix of vibing piano chords, vox-driven swing and bubbling synth whorls on a cosmic tip, their remix pulsates with a vibrant soulfulness. Wrapping it up on a straight grooving note, Fouk’s rework pulls out the classic shuffle and a battery of entirely reworked arp chords, framing them into a loopy headspace where vibrant synth waves entangle with brass-heavy hooks. All about that Pete Philly & Perquisite-minded summer ahead.


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