Kris Berry & Perquisite

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Anyone a bit familiar with the careers of composer/producer Perquisite and singer/songwriter Kris Berry, knows that these artists are convinced of the true meaning of teamwork. Although a collaboration between Kris and Perq seems unlikely at first glance, their album ‘Lovestruck Puzzles’ shows what magic can happen when two artists step out of their comfort zones and two worlds collide.

“The combined effort ‘Lovestruck Puzzles’ offers ideal dream music, smoothly bouncing like a trampoline, carrying thoughts to different places.”
- Amanda Kuyper, NRC HANDELSBLAD, 23-09-2013, 4 out of 5

“Lovestruck Puzzles is an awesome album, full of beatdriven soulfull songs with a warm undertone. It’s an absolute pleasure to listen to Berry’s amber colored vocals.”
- Saskia Bosch, TROUW, 01-10-2013

“What a record! Lovestruck Puzzles is the golden egg Perquisite and Kris Berry made together.”
- MARIE-CLAIRE, September 2013

“What…an…amazing…album!! Marvellous productions and Kris enchants with her voice! This record sounds like honey; a best of both worlds!”
- Eric Corton, 3FM, September 2013

“The way Perquisite arranges piano, strings and drums is a fingerlicking sensation. (…). Kris Berry seduces and sparkles with that pleasant edge in her voice…”
- Veronica Magazine, Oktober 2013, 4 out of 5

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