New Pete Philly & Perquisite album ‘Eon’ out now!

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Vocalist/songwriter Pete Philly and composer/producer Perquisite enjoyed major successes in the music world between 2004 and 2009, as they traveled across the globe with their catchy beats and melodious raps. After six years, the duo decided to quit at their peak to focus on their solo careers. But collaborative inspiration struck again: the two were still eager to work together after all these years and announced their reunion in 2023. They kicked off with a big show at AFAS Live in their hometown of Amsterdam in November of that year, to be followed by a European tour this May/June.

Pete & Perq reignited their passion to make music together, which led to their eclectic new album ‘Eon’ that has been released today. The relatable vibe of Pete Philly & Perquisite, marked by open-minded hip-hop with influences from soul, funk, jazz, world and electronic music, enthralling solos and unexpected twists, remains intact. The stage of life the duo is now in has given the album a deeper, more meaningful dimension: the title song ‘Eon’ is an ode to Pete’s daughter, ‘Carry You’ is about the relationship he has with his father and ‘Raindrop’ bids farewell to a past stage of life. But the album also features more light-hearted songs, such as the first single ‘Hot Sauce’, joyful ‘Spiffy’ and the latest single ‘My Stereo’, which is an ode to all of their sources of inspiration. With their third album ‘Eon’, Pete Philly & Perquisite have presented a celebration of their infinite connection through music.