Out now on streaming: live versions of ‘Grow’, Jeangu Macrooy’s Eurovision Song

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Today we released two live versions of Jeangu Macrooy’s Eurovision Song Contest song ‘Grow’! The first version is an acoustic performance accompanied on piano by Jasper Slijderink, recorded at one of The Netherlands’ most beautiful concert halls: Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam. The second version is a full-band live performance, recorded at Rotterdam Ahoy - the location where Eurovision would’ve taken place.

Jeangu: ‘It was really special to perform ‘Grow’ in these iconic venues, even though they were empty. One day we’ll all be together again’ ❤️

You can listen to the tracks on your favourite streaming service:

GROW - live at Concertgebouw Amsterdam, click here
GROW - live at Ahoy Rotterdam, click here

Artwork image by the one and only Anton Corbijn.