Out now: The music video for Secrets by Josephine Odhil!

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‘Secrets’ music video by Josephine Odhil OUT NOW! Watch the full video here:

Video by Michael Cullen | Green screen footage by Kevin van Moorsel | Music, lyrics & arrangement written by Josephine Odhil | Co-arranged byJoost van Eck & Maurits Nijhuis | Produced by Maurits Nijhuis | Co-produced by Josephine Odhil & Joost van Eck | Recorded by Maurits Nijhuis and Joost van Eck at Studio Karakterbak | Additional recordings by Sonny Groeneveld at Studio Greenfield | Mixed by Maurits Nijhuis | Mastered by Frederik Dejongh at Jerboa Mastering | Artwork by Josephine Odhil | Vocals by Josephine Odhil | Bass by Joost van Eck | Drums by Maurits Nijhuis | Guitar by Josephine Odhil | Synths by Timon Persoon | Sound design by Maurits Nijhuis

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