Jeangu Macrooy releases second album ‘Horizon’!

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Yesterday Jeangu Macrooy presented his second album ‘Horizon’ in the grand hall of a sold out Paradiso and today the album has offcially been released! On the album, that, like it’s predecessor, was produced by Perquisite, Jeangu presents himself with his head held high. The searching youngster has evolved into a confident man and artist, exploring the world, unafraid of looking in the mirror, driven by curiosity and a lust for life. ‘I want to avoid repetition’, he says. ‘As soon as I recognized certain pre-existing patterns in my songwriting, I stopped and tried to figure out whether there were alternative ways of going about it. We made more space for the whole band to contribute ideas for arrangements this time, too.’

Check out ‘Horizon’ on Spotify!