Press Praise for ‘High On You’

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Jeangu’s debut record ‘High On You’ was released less than two weeks ago, but has nevertheless received some great reviews already. We have gathered a few of them for you to read below. But more importantly, have a listen yourself and let us know what you think!

Telegraaf, April 15th 2017: ‘’Your mouth will drop with surprise and admiration. What a way to start your career!’’ - Bart Wijlaars

Platomania, April 2017: “This is an amazing debut in every sense - accessible and honest, a budding success’’ - Jurgen Vreugdenhil

Oor, April 2017: “New artists come and go on a daily basis, yet every once in a while you find a debutant that really excites you. Jeangu Macrooy falls in that category.” - Randy Timmers

Giel Beelen, 3FM: “I dare to state that, as far as I’m concerned, this is the release of the year.”

LINDA, April 2017: “High On You will get you dancing whilst touching you with warmly sung songs.”

Algemeen Dagblad, April 7th 2017 “He’s only 23, but has a Soul veteran-like depth in his voice. (…) ‘High On You’, that will be released next week, might be the best Dutch debut record of 2017.” 4 OUT OF 5 - Stefan Raatgever

Grazia, April 2017: “Jeangu Macrooy’s debut album is energetic, danceable and melancholic.”