1. Jeangu Macrooy releases ‘Second Hand Lover’!

    We’re proud to announce that Jeangu Macrooy’s new single ‘Second Hand Lover’ is OUT NOW! Continue reading »

  2. New Unexpected Webshop!


  3. Jeangu Macrooy embarks on Horizon NL Clubtour 2019!

    Jeangu Macrooy will embark on his Horizon NL Clubtour 2019! Continue reading »

  4. Jeangu Macrooy’s second album ‘Horizon’ is receiving great first reviews!

    Jeangu Macrooy’s second album ‘Horizon’ received great first reviews! Continue reading »

  5. Jeangu Macrooy releases second album ‘Horizon’!

    Yesterday Jeangu Macrooy presented his second album ‘Horizon’ in the grand hall of a sold out Paradiso and today the album has offcially been released Continue reading »

  6. Jeangu Macrooy - Beyond The Horizon

    In ‘Beyond The Horizon’ we give you an exclusive look behind the scenes of everything that’s happening, leading up to the release of Jeangu Macrooy’s new album ‘Horizon’! Continue reading »