1. Kris Berry & Perquisite give final show in sold out Bitterzoet

    Last Saturday Kris Berry & Perquisite gave their final goodbye show in a sold out Bitterzoet in Amsterdam. Continue reading »

  2. Perquisite releases new songs with Ruben Hein and Alain Clark for feature film ‘Wiplala’

    Today, two new songs by Perquisite in collaboration with Ruben Hein and Alain Clark have been released that were made for the upcoming film ‘Wiplala’. Continue reading »

  3. Kris & Perq announce final goodbye show

    After being on the road with their band for almost one and a half year, Kris & Perq announced their final Dutch show this weekend at the festival ‘Into The Great Wide Open’. Continue reading »

  4. Kris Berry & Perquisite’s single ‘Warm’ gets lots of airplay in Japan

    Kris Berry & Perquisite’s single ‘Warm’ gets a lot of airplay in Japan Continue reading »

  5. ‘Lovestruck Puzzles’ released in Japan!

    Today, the album ‘Lovestruck Puzzles’ by Kris Berry & Perquisite has officially been released in Japan in collaboration with P-Vine Records! Continue reading »

  6. Kris Berry & Perquisite @ Into The Great Wide Open!

    Great news! Kris Berry & Perquisite are playing at ‘Into the Great Wide Open’ this year! Continue reading »