1. Interview Pete & Perq: how it all began

    Following the re-release of North West Metropolis’ EP, Pete & Perq discuss how they met and how the project came together. Continue reading »

  2. North West Metropolis - Expressions EP rereleased!

    North West Metropolis was a hip-hop collective consisting of three producers (Omar Rey, Ane and Perquisite) and three MC’s (Pete Philly, Kain Slim and CeeMajor). Continue reading »

  3. Ten years Mindstate, ten euro T-shirts!
  4. 10 year anniversary of Mindstate!

    Time Flies! This week it’s exactly 10 years ago that Pete Philly & Perquisite dropped their legendary debut album ‘Mindstate’ via Unexpected Records. Continue reading »

  5. Released today: Perquisite & Sliderinc - Collected Works!

    ‘Collected Works’ by Perquisite & Sliderinc was released today! Continue reading »

  6. Out Soon: Collected Works

    The new album ‘Collected Works’ by Perquisite & Sliderinc will be released next week through Unexpected Records! Continue reading »