1. Kris & Perq announce final goodbye show

    After being on the road with their band for almost one and a half year, Kris & Perq announced their final Dutch show this weekend at the festival ‘Into The Great Wide Open’. Continue reading »

  2. Kris Berry & Perquisite’s single ‘Warm’ gets lots of airplay in Japan

    Kris Berry & Perquisite’s single ‘Warm’ gets a lot of airplay in Japan Continue reading »

  3. ‘Lovestruck Puzzles’ released in Japan!

    Today, the album ‘Lovestruck Puzzles’ by Kris Berry & Perquisite has officially been released in Japan in collaboration with P-Vine Records! Continue reading »

  4. Kris Berry & Perquisite @ Into The Great Wide Open!

    Great news! Kris Berry & Perquisite are playing at ‘Into the Great Wide Open’ this year! Continue reading »

  5. Kris Berry & Perquisite album to be released in Japan

    Following the release of the album ‘Lovestruck Puzzles’ by Kris Berry & Perquisite in the Netherlands, Unexpected Records has come to an agreement with P-Vine Records for a Japanese release of the album on July 16th. Continue reading »

  6. Fundraiser ‘Klassiek Geeft’ and Perq’s Preference

    Perquisite’s ‘Klassiek Geeft’ auction and weekly radio item ‘Perq’s Preference’. Continue reading »