1. Edison nomination ‘High On You’

    Last night Dutch TV show ‘Shownieuws’ announced that Jeangu Macrooy’s album ‘High On You’ Continue reading »

  2. ‘Tell Me Father’ video released!

    Today the official video of ‘Tell Me Father’, Jeangu Macrooy’s new single has been released! Continue reading »

  3. Update Jeangu Macrooy

    It’s time for a short update about our artist Jeangu Macrooy Continue reading »

  4. Four years ago: ‘Let Go’ Kris Berry & Perquisite

    Today it’s exactly four years ago we released our second single ‘Let Go’. Continue reading »

  5. Jeangu Macrooy at De Wereld Draait Door

    Yesterday our artist Jeangu Macrooy played ‘High On You’ at ‘De Wereld Draait Door’! Continue reading »

  6. ‘Mystery Repeats’ released 10 years ago!

    ‘Mystery Repeats’ by Pete Philly & Perquisite was released today exactly 10 years ago! Continue reading »