1. Perquisite at the Royal Concertgebouw!

    Perquisite just announced that on October 9th his music will be heard for the very first time at the famous Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. Continue reading »

  2. Interview Pete & Perq: how it all began

    Following the re-release of North West Metropolis’ EP, Pete & Perq discuss how they met and how the project came together. Continue reading »

  3. North West Metropolis - Expressions EP rereleased!

    North West Metropolis was a hip-hop collective consisting of three producers (Omar Rey, Ane and Perquisite) and three MC’s (Pete Philly, Kain Slim and CeeMajor). Continue reading »

  4. Ten years Mindstate, ten euro T-shirts!
  5. 10 year anniversary of Mindstate!

    Time Flies! This week it’s exactly 10 years ago that Pete Philly & Perquisite dropped their legendary debut album ‘Mindstate’ via Unexpected Records. Continue reading »

  6. Released today: Perquisite & Sliderinc - Collected Works!

    ‘Collected Works’ by Perquisite & Sliderinc was released today! Continue reading »