1. Jeangu Macrooy frontpage de Volkskrant

    Jeangu Macrooy at the cover of De Volkskrant! Continue reading »

  2. Jeangu Macrooy announces second clubtour!

    Jeangu Macrooy just announced that he will undertake a second club tour with his full live band this autumn! Continue reading »

  3. Six Years since Perquisite’s ‘Blackbirds’ ft. GMB

    Check out the animated video by Jihaa & 21bis! Continue reading »

  4. Jeangu’s First Clubtour: 6/7 Sold Out!

    First clubtour through The Netherlands is a big success! Continue reading »

  5. ‘Crazy Kids’ video out now!

    We just released the video of ‘Crazy Kids’, the new single of Jeangu Macrooy featuring Xillan! Continue reading »

  6. Three Years Since ‘Birds On Branches’!

    Today it is exactly three years ago that Kris Berry & Perquisite released their single ‘Birds On Branches’, that was written for ‘The Night Of The Refugee’. Continue reading »