Four years ago: ‘Let Go’ Kris Berry & Perquisite

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Today it’s exactly four years ago we released our second single ‘Let Go’ of the album ‘Lovestruck Puzzles’ I made together with the talented singer Kris Berry.

The song became 3fm mega hit!

Listen to ‘Let Go’ on Spotify

What the press said about ‘Lovestruck Puzzles’ back then:

“The combined effort ‘Lovestruck Puzzles’ offers ideal dream music, smoothly bouncing like a trampoline, carrying thoughts to different places.” 
- Amanda Kuyper, NRC HANDELSBLAD, 23-09-2013, 4 out of 5

“Lovestruck Puzzles is an awesome album, full of beatdriven soulfull songs with a warm undertone. It’s an absolute pleasure to listen to Berry’s amber colored vocals.” 
- Saskia Bosch, TROUW, 01-10-2013

“The way Perquisite arranges piano, strings and drums is a fingerlicking sensation. (…). Kris Berry seduces and sparkles with that pleasant edge in her voice…” 
- Veronica Magazine, Oktober 2013, 4 out of 5