5 year anniversary of ‘Lovestruck Puzzles’ SALE

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Exactly five years ago we released Kris Berry & Perquisite’s album ‘Lovestruck Puzzles’! Single ‘Let Go’ became a Megahit on 3FM and the album received great reviews from the press. NRC HANDELSBLAD gave it 4 out of 5 stars and wrote: “The joint album ‘Lovestruck Puzzles’ offers ideal dream music, subtly resilient like a trampoline, taking your thoughts to other places.’’ To celebrate, you can buy the album on CD or LP in our webshop with a discount of 5 euro’s for a full week!

  • Order ‘Lovestruck Puzzles’ CD through this link
  • Order ‘Lovestruck Puzzles’ LP through this link

Lovestruck Puzzles